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The Asian-American Student Union aims to advocate its educational, cultural, social and community pillars through activities for students within and outside the University of Minnesota and to promote understanding of the diverse APIDA cultures to the University at large.

    The Meaning of Our Logo

    The Landscapes

    The Landscapes aim to encapsulate the diversity of landforms within Asia, each having real world inspirations from the Himalayan mountains on the left to the beaches of the Pacific islands on the right. We celebrate and honor the richness and diversity of our cultures and the lands of our roots

    The Animals

    This year, we wanted to continue incorporating wildlife in our log and three different animals can be found in it. Having played a crucial part to the lifestyle and success of humans long throughout history, horses resemble strength and perseverance in many world cultures. In South and Southeast Asian cultures, the elephant is an important animal, often symbolizing peace and prosperity. Birds, having free flight and an omniscient view from the skies, resemble freedom and hope.


    The Flowers

    Thirteen Flowers can be found on the new logo: Jasmine, Hibiscus, Daisy, Lotus, Sunflower, Red West Indian Jasmine, Gladiolus, Poinciana, Chrysanthemum, Carnation, Oleander, Magnolia and Marigold. Each flower uniquely represents each board member and has meaning to them, their life and culture.

    The Vision

    Seen running through the landmasses on the logo is a river that empties into an ocean at the beaches. These rivers also have real world inspirations from each region of Asia as the ocean represents the Pacific. These bodies of water symbolize unity and Connection.

    Community is at the heart of what we do. The Asian American Union strives to serve as a safe place where all can find belonging and comfort, and find love within authenticity. We believe in strength in community, through respect, resilience and growth.

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